Native American Photography
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    Two Moons, Cheyenne
    The Old Cheyenne
    The Three Chiefs, Piegan
    At Nootka
    Cheyenne Warriors
    Joseph, Nez PercÚ Chief
    At Water's Edge, Piegan
    The Clam Digger
    Geronimo, Apache Chief
    Offering the Buffalo Skull, Mandan
    Kutenai Duck Hunter
    Dancing to Restore an Eclipsed Moon, Qagyuhl
    Joseph Dead Feast Lodge, Nez PercÚ
    For information about the photographer, Edward S. Curtis, click here

     Cherokee Morning Song

    Beautiful Native American photographs shown to beautiful music by Robbie Robertson and the Red Road Ensemble. Enjoy.

    About The Photographer - Edward S. Curtis

    Edward S. Curtis (self portrait)

    These pictures were taken by Edward Sheriff Curtis (b. 1868).

    In 1891, Edward S. Curtis and his family moved from Wisconsin to Seattle.  At that time, all of America's native tribes had been forced to "accept" government terms and were either confined to reservations or being assimilated into white culture.

    Developing an interest in photography and intrigued by the native residents of the area, Curtis began photographing them.  Becoming convinced that he was witnessing an irreversible loss of Native American culture, he began a series of journeys across the West to photograph members of various tribes.

    Curtis attempted to meet the Native Americans on their own terms, taking part in their daily and ceremonial lives whenever he could.  He was even initiated as a Snake Priest in the Hopi Snake Cult ceremony.

    In 1930, Edward S. Curtis finished the last of a twenty-volume masterwork (the first published in 1907) called The North American Indian.  Containing not only photographs but tribal histories, folk stories, vocabularies, religious rites, and songs.

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