About Me

    There was a time when I was somewhat obsessed or perhaps in love with the shape of the tipi. I would think about them and dream about them although I had never really seen one except for Hollywood representations in film.

    I carried these tipi visions for almost seven years until I finally decided to do something about it. But, living in Sydney, Australia, you canít exactly look up Ďtipisí in the phone book.

    Well, as luck would have it, or perhaps when I was ready to receive, the universe provided and one synchronous event led to another and I found myself in southern Victoria smoking the peace pipe with a special group of people who had gathered to celebrate the Autumn equinox.

    By that time I didnít just want a tipi for myself, I wanted to be able to give others like me the opportunity to experience the tipi for themselves. Itís wonderfully reassuring when people say they had been thinking about a tipi for a while, then through a strange set of Ďcoincidencesí they found me.

    Now my love for the tipi has matured into a deeper understanding and respect for the people who once lived in them and for the wisdom they have shared. On this site I have included some beautiful words of wisdom from some truly remarkable human beings. Please pay them a visit.

    Early morning in Kangaroo Valley, New Years Day 2000

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