Why are we here?

Many reasons!

1. Fulfilling a dream etc.  Not everyone’s dream perhaps, but it’s certainly ours and we’re very grateful we can do this.

2. We’re working towards being as independent as we can from the industrial agriculture system.  Why? Well…

3. We’re working towards being as free as we can from the money trap.  What’s wrong with money? Are we sitting comfortably…?

4. Allowing ourselves space to question our own assumptions and listen to the subtle awarenesses that can only arise when they are not drowned out by the consensus reality of media and the unquestioned beliefs underlying social norms. What?

5. Saving a small partly-rainforested corner of the world from the careless atrocities committed by people who measure things in money.

2 Responses to Why are we here?

  1. Brian Davidson says:

    Congratulations on your efforts.
    I finally sold the old yellow ute. After arguing with the RTA & Police for 3 months I gave up and bought another motor and replaced it. The old one ( read allegedly stolen) is still sitting under the trees down the back waiting for the authorities to collect.
    ( Yeah right)
    Keep up the great website and if your passing by call in and say G’Day or if you want to know anything about old farming ideas I still know a few old blokes who may be able to give some advice. ( I’m almost old and I know when to plant onions)

    We have just installed a 3 kilowatt solar system as our next step to self suffiency and it is working very well. We now have our own water, sewerage and solar and not a bill from anyone.

    The rain has put a major dent in our vegetables for the year but the fruit crop should be exceptional if the sun ever comes out.

    Good Luck with your Dreams


    PS. It’s good to see that you named a parrot after me. Is it a King Parrot?

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