The Water Tank: Part 3

Felice finishes the tale…

(If you’ve just wandered in read Part 1 here)

With lunch finished and only half an hour before the tank’s arrival we rush outside to finish piling and leveling the sand. To our horror – after employing a more solid plank for the leveling – it dawns that we’ve overestimated the amount of sand needed and frantically begin scraping it back out. Nervous laughter ensues. At this precise moment the faint murmur of a truck chugging up the driveway can now be heard causing panic and, of course, more laughter.

I rush off to cut down some low branches obscuring the driveway as well as meet and direct the driver (read ‘buy some time’) while Sarah and her Mum finish the clearing and leveling of the base.

The driver’s name is Rod and apparently he’s had a hellova day. Rod slowly backs the truck up the driveway to the house. Upon showing Rod the intended route from the truck to the base the words ‘You’re joking! What you need is a helicopter.’ spill out of Rod’s mouth. We glance at each other (you guessed it…laughing nervously) only to look back at Rod and realise he actually isn’t joking!

As we can’t afford to hire a helicopter we ask Rod for some practical advice in executing our original plan of rolling the tank around the perimeter of the house whilst balancing precariously on our rather steep slope.

Long story short Rod offers us 10 minutes of his time. Once the tank is rolled off the truck Rod ties a strap to one of the supports of the house to keep it from rolling down the hill. The rolling begins. Flat base of the tank facing the house as we slowly keep rolling and bumping and adjusting all the while trying not to slide down the hill. No word of a lie before the 10 minutes were up we had rolled the tank without incident to the other side of the house…and without the need for the support strap! And now with the tank in the correct position we let it fall flat smack onto the prepared base. Too easy 🙂

We thank Rod profusely and shower him with produce and some dosh.

Celebrations and congratulations begin with some whiskey and ginger ale on the top deck. Hooray for us!

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