The missing year 2

As promised, the remainder of the emails from yesterday’s post…

Wed Mar 17 2010

Has been raining forever here.  All lovely and misty, and all the dams are full and the weird fungi are all fruiting (see pic).  Excellent weather for pulling lantana, which I’ve been doing all day and yesterday.  Half of one side of the road is now free of lantana – yay!  And we have lots of little piles of broken up lantana to mulch for compost – also yay.  (Compost mention alert:  Mum we opened the aerobin and there was no food left, but a bit of a smell and all a bit wet and soggy, with kitty litter lumps of smooshy bentonite scattered about.  Next time we’ll turn it a couple more times before we take it out.  I spread it on the pumpkin plot, and the pumpkins loved it for a few days til they drowned in all this rain.)

Unfortunately the road has also drowned in all this rain, and we’re sort of flooded in (we could get out but it would tear up the road a lot) so no BLOODY MILK! (I’m better now) til things dry up.  We have a million cucumbers though, so we won’t starve, except for Felice, who hates cucumbers.  Have two more bunches of green bananas hanging up, so it’s good we recently discovered that you can eat them green if you cook them first.  They’re a bit like potatoes.

But really, the thought of not going into town for a while is really quite lovely.  We have almost unlimited fruit, if you count green bananas and a few limes and incipient pawpaws, and we have greens and cucumbers coming out our ears.  And since we stocked up on beans/grains etc not that long ago we could stay here quite nicely for a while.  Except for no milk in MY BLOODY TEA phooey.  But perhaps that’s a small price to pay.

The chooks are laying about 5-7 eggs a day, which is more food (and presents for people – I’ve discovered there’s only so many eggs you can eat.)  Good thing I have your egg recipe book Mum.   I did have cucumber omelette the other day, when Felice was in Sydney, and it was surprisingly good.  The cucumber goes like bamboo shoots if you fry it in garlic.  Oh, and that glut book you gave me Cherry, has a yummy recipe for cucumber soup that Felice raves about (even though she doesn’t like cucumbers).  Unfortunately it requires milk, so I won’t be making it again for a little while.

The chooks are all different sizes and they lay all different sized eggs, so it looks odd when you put them all in a box together (see pic).  Oh, have also attached a pic of Cassie who often gets stuck challenging herself in the mirrored glass window.  Can’t help laughing.

Anyway, better go, with all the rain, we’re skimping on electricity.  It’ll be candles before we know it.

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