Still raining

Ok, so it’s still raining.

Sarah developed a bit of a fever and has been bed-ridden for the last few days.  I made the mistake of giving her a bell to ring.  She’s definitely on the mend but still insists on ringing that &#^$*%@ bell!  Clever girl.

So I’ve been doing the daily chores: tend chooks (clean coop, collect eggs, encourage broody chooks off nest, run outside frantically when Sammy screams {special chicken scream} like she is being brutally murdered only to discover it’s a false alarm as usual), fix overflowing water tank pipe, go swap neighbour’s goat’s milk for eggs, stake up droopy tomato plants in the winter garden, scavenge enough firewood to make bread and heat hot water system, sow more carrots, weeding, gather produce for lunch/dinner etc.

Now I can put my feet up and get back to a cup of tea and a book.

(ring-a-ling, ring-a-ling!) It’s the dreaded Sarah monster…and it requires feeding and another blanky.

Is that Sammy I hear?

(Sarah just informed me that I’m not to write anything mean about her while she’s in her weakened state. Oops :))

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