The last couple of days have been quite hot indeed.  Work in the garden has progressed slowly and mostly in the shade.  As we weed and water the little seedlings our thoughts turn to our much-discussed watering system fantasy.  Complete with timer.

But meanwhile on hot days we hand water in the morning in the hope that the seedlings survive the heat of the day.  And it really does make a huge difference.

Yesterday we got a little enthusiastic and decided to dig some more beds.  One of us dug while one weeded the next area to be dug.  Finally the point came when we were both just too exhausted and heat struck.  And then we had a light bulb moment.  The creek!

And off we went. Since the flood we’ve had many rock pool choices but yesterday we discovered a shallow waterfall gushing into a very cozy jacuzzi-like pool.  Unfortunately we can’t show you any pics because we were both starkers 🙂

The relief from the heat was quite unbelievable.  We both managed a second wind in the afternoon consisting of banana bagging and tree coppicing.

For quick heat relief we’ve also been using one of the outdoor hoses up on the hill garden near the house.  It takes a little while for the water to run cold but it sure is a lot of fun having a hose-down under the paw paw.

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