Fever dreams

Back on my feet now after a few days being waited on by Felice.  Don’t listen to anything she says, I was actually a model patient.  No, really, I was!

I don’t often enjoy being sick, but this time the inflight entertainment was exceptional.  Apart from Nurse Felice’s attentions, I had some amazingly realistic-seeming fever dreams, which I still remember pretty bloody clearly.  In hindsight, I guess they were what people call “lucid” dreams, because I was aware I wasn’t awake, and I could consciously influence what happened.  I can’t remember that ever happening to me before.

But whatever they’re called, they (and/or the fever) seem to be a very effective form of psychological and physical therapy.  It was quite odd, but I woke up released from a couple of important personal blocks, as well as from a 2-year-old ankle problem.  All in my head?  Well, yes.  But it seems to have worked, so I’m not complaining.

And on a purely physical level, suddenly I can run again, which changes my world tremendously.  Go figure.  Go fever!


PS Thank you Nurse Felice.  Here’s your bell back…hardly used at all 🙂

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