Cane toad

I found a cane toad in our medicinal garden today. I put him in a bag in the fridge. The theory is they go into hibernation mode in the cold. Then, after a day or so, they go into the freezer where they die. Unpleasant for all concerned.

Occasionally I still find myself in denial that the cane toad has finally made its way down to us in the subtropics. We are coming across them more and more. This latest toad made it all the way to our house up the hill. We also found one in the chicken enclosure a couple of weeks ago.

We really do need to step up our cane toad patrols. As they mainly stick to paths (they find it difficult to cross thick bush), it makes it a little easier to track them down.

The biggest worry is, of course, the loss of wildlife due to cane toad eating. Although thankfully we still have an abundance of frogs as well as pythons. I’m taking that as a very good sign.

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