Endless cow and goat poo

Firstly, I’d just like to mention that our internet has been down this month so we haven’t been able to blog.  So much has happened though, so we’ll have a lot to catch up on when we finally get our internet working.

As I have been in Sydney this week with a working internet connection I thought I’d sneak in a couple of blogs.  (I’ll add pics later when we’re web connected)

This one’s about poo.  And lots of it.

For us it’s a dream come true.  For the past few months we’ve been struggling to find enough mulch, the right seedling mix ingredients (we make our own) and organic matter to put onto the garden.  Then, lo and behold, we found reliable supplies of cow and goat poo which we can swap for produce.  We also found a good supply of mulch from a local farm.  And we got a ute load of washed river sand (which you need for good seedling mix that doesn’t set like cement) from Lismore. And lastly we found an endless supply of sawdust which is perfect for suppressing weeds on garden paths as well as reducing muddy ‘slip ‘n’ slides’ during rain.

Needless to say, the garden looks very fertile and well looked after at the moment.  We loaded the 4th quarter of the garden with layers of poo and sawdust and let the chooks mix it all in.  They did a great job.  We’ve since repeated this with the 3rd quarter which they are still on.

So we dug the paths and fully mulched (30cm deep) the 4th quarter.  87 garlics were planted.  Joy!

The existing beds also got some TLC.  We’ve got the broccoli’s, cauliflowers, rocket, chinese cabbage, beans, beetroots, carrots and tomatoes all well mulched and growing in nutrient rich soil.

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