Imbolc to Alban Eiler 2011: What we sowed/planted

This kind of information is available in lots of different places (here and here for example) so really, this is more for me as an aide memoire.  But in case it’s useful, here it is.  I’ve done it in the usual greens/beans/fruits/roots format because that’s how it came out.

Greens”: basil, borage, chinese cabbage, lettuce, mustard, rainbow chard, silverbeet, shallots.

Beans”: bush beans – Cherokee Wax and a descendent of a green bean I saved from Mum’s place.  (Actually, we tried sowing these but very few came up, so I’m thinking perhaps the soil isn’t warm enough yet.  Next year, we might wait.)


  • capsicum and eggplant (yes, I know, Linda Woodrow says wait til Dec to plant eggplants here, but we were desperate for eggplants so we thought we’d just give it a try.  Turns out Linda was right.)
  • Tomatoes (Black Russian, Cherry Fox, seeds from a locally-grown roma variety, and seeds saved from a neighbour’s cherry tomato).  We’ll have to see if the Black Russians survive the fruit fly.
  • Chilli – we sowed 3 different varieties this 8th, but Linda’s right again – too soon to sow chillies outside.  Very poor germination.
  • Choko
  • Chia

Roots”: chicory (as seeds), yakon, arrowroot, ginger, turmeric and comfrey (as roots).

Out of the mouths of translators...

This has nothing to do with what we sowed this 8th, but we found it in the kid's toy section of our local supermarket and had a laugh. It's a toy tractor with unexpectedly honest packaging. Out of the mouths of translators...


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