Imbolc to Alban Eiler 2011: Some seasonal to-dos

A few notes about what we’re doing this 8th when we’re not in the vegie garden (or being flabbergasted into uselessness by the behaviour of the mining industry).

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Strictly speaking, we should prune the dead and crowded branches from the citrus after the fruit finishes.  But somehow it’s really hard to get around to that.  We always end up doing something else instead.  The citrus seems to be doing OK, but just think how it would be if we ever got around to pruning.

The bananas need a little TLC around this time because the brush turkeys are hatching, and have discovered something delicious at the base of the banana “trees”.  Is it an insect?  Is it the sweetish banana stem juice?  Whatever it is, they eat out the bases of the “trees”, which topple over and die.  So it’s time to go around putting thick, heavy mulch or better, chook wire around the bases of the bananas.  Pain in the proverbial, but very effective.  We haven’t lost a properly chookwired banana stem (touch wood!).   If we’re running low, any spent banana stems can be sliced into strips for string-making.

Thinking about putting manure around the fruit trees.  Big heavy job, best done before it gets too hot.  First step is collecting enough manure...


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