Imbolc to Alban Eiler (Aug 1 to Sept 23) 2011

Long time no blog. Too much time doing, not enough time writing. I’m convinced that one day things will balance themselves out but it hasn’t happened yet.

Nectarine tree blossoming in chookyard

Our chookyard nectarine tree - in need of pruning, but very lovely. The chooks don't appreciate it as much as we do, but at least they give it lots of fertiliser.

Alban Eiler is the festival of the Spring Equinox. So this is the 8th of the year coming up to Spring. We don’t have the white death winter of higher latitudes, but even so you can sort of feel things waking up and starting to grow faster. Soil seems to be still too cold for beans to germinate, but it’s warming up. The nectarine tree is blossoming, the lavender is starting to flower, and near the end of this 8th the fireflies came dancing through our evening after a very hot day.

Days are still shorter than nights, but they’re getting longer, and the rate at which they are getting longer is increasing. At the end of this period, day and night are equal lengths. That means there’s more daylight to be in the garden, more sun on our solar panels, and general jubilation all round.

I was hoping to put this all in one post, but it turns out there’s so much that I decided to split it into several:

What we harvested

What we sowed/planted

Seasonal to-dos

In the kitchen

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