Alban Elued – Samhain (Mar 20 – May 1) 2012

Autumn!  Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!  Root vegie soups!

Alban Elued harvest - roast vegies tonight!

Roast vegies tonight! Clockwise from the green stuff: beet greens, peeled taro and arrowroot, a small sweet potato, beetroot, more sweet potato


Greens: ruby chard and some remnant silverbeets, red giant chinese mustard, rocket, lettuce, mizuna

Beans: Cherokee Wax beans for drying

Fruits: chillis, the last of the cucumbers.  I have a neighbour who is still getting tomatoes, eggplants and capsicums.  Maybe next year…

Roots: first of the sweet potatoes, arrowroots, bandicooted turmeric, beetroot, taro, pumpkin

Herbs: mushroom plant, chia leaves, thyme, oregano, basil, garlic chives, shallots, the remains of the pigweed, chickweed (Stellaria media, not Drymaria cordata!), Commelina tips, nettle tips, celery greens


None!  We spent much of this eighth on stupid CSG, because if CSG mining comes to our area, it’ll no longer be possible for us to be self-sufficient here.   No-one will be able to hold an organic certification, or grow uncontaminated food.  Anyone who says that unconventional gas mining can co-exist with agriculture (especially organic agriculture) is showing only that they are ignorant of the effects of unconventional gas mining.    We gave up our sowing time this eighth because we need uncontaminated air, water and soil to do what we’re doing.

I’m whinging about our particular situation, but I know this is an age-old problem, and not confined to us, or the northern rivers, or CSG.  One aspect of it is that people in positions of power are disconnected from reality – they seem to place no value on the natural systems that make life and health possible, so make decisions that appear insane to the rest of us.  Or perhaps it’s just that they don’t value life and health, which seems similarly mentally ill to me.  But a more immediate aspect of it is that the people who are paid to represent us are not doing their job, so we have to do it for them.  And instead of being sacked for corruption or incompetence, they get cushy post-politics jobs as mining consultants.  Do I sound frustrated?  That’s because I am.

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