Bush nuts and chestnuts

Bush nuts

Bush nuts, freshly harvested

Our first nut harvest! 


Chestnuts - stripped of the spiky shell they grow in

It’s bush nut season, as well as chestnut season.  Bushnuts are a bit of an adventure to pick – they’re at the top of fragile little trees that you can’t climb with out breaking, and all our trees are on a steep hillside.  I had to get out the paw paw picking stick (a long pole with a serrated kitchen knife taped to the end), while Felice stood underneath and tried to catch the nuts without falling down the hill.  But it was worth it.  As I understand it, bush nuts are the native precursors to commercially-produced macadamias.  The main difference seems to be that bush nut shells are knobblier and less uniform, and the nuts are tastier.


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