What can I say about our beans? We have too many! No, really. They just won’t stop growing. It’s a plague. It’s a plague right out of Egypt! And the more you pick ’em, the more they grow!

Blue Lake and Cherokee Wax beans

Blue Lake and Cherokee Wax beans

And the moral of the story? Bean soup, steamed beans, more bean soup this time with miso, beans on pizza, raw beans in salad etc. Beans for breakfast, lunch and tea (ok, maybe not for breakfast). Fortunately, I quite like beans.

Last year we had a cucumber plague. Hmm…not too fond of cucs.

What I’d really like is a tomato plague. And they are growing: Cherry, Roma, Black Russian. But not quick enough for me, I’m afraid. ‘Fruit fly!’ Sarah warns, ‘Beware the fruit fly’. Fruit fly shmute fly…i want my tomatoes!

Now, what will I make for dinner…

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