When we first built the summer garden fence, there was a non-edible variety of canna lily going bananas where we wanted to plant food.  I spent a fair bit of time digging it out and throwing it to the chooks (who eat the leaves when they’re hungry but aren’t really that keen).  I’d heard there’s an edible variety called “Queensland arrowroot”, and I thought that it might like conditions there, since the non-edible canna had thrived.

Queensland arrowroot (Canna edulis)

Queensland arrowroot outgrowing the summer garden. The ground at the base of the stalks is packed with bright red tubers (rhizomes?) protruding out of the mulch.

I was right! I love it when I guess right – it counteracts the wrong guesses about, for example, the winter tomatoes.  I scavenged some arrowroot tubers (rhizomes?) from a neighbour, and planted them in the summer garden.  They went berserk.

Here they are hitting the top of the summer garden netting, a little past their prime.  From now on, they’ll progressively fall over, to be chopped for mulch, and then send up new shoots from the tubers that are jam-packed into the soil at the base.

Time to work out how to incorporate more arrowroot into our menu…

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  1. Janet Cavanaugh says:

    I am also blessed with edible canna but, alas, can’t really advise on how to incorporate it into your diet. We made thinly sliced chips once, and that worked without too much oil going to waste. But we’re not really into chips…

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