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To contact us please email: thecreek (AT) unitedearth (dot) com (dot) au


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  1. Joan Wharton says:

    HI Sarah and Felice
    It was wonderful to read all about your projects, the animals, birds, hard work and innovations. Congratulations on taking the steps you have and best wishes for the ongoing fruitful flowering of your lives and activities. An inspiration.

  2. Anne Barling says:

    Hi Sarah and Felice,
    I’m not sure if my previous comment went off into the ether or not (got interrupted) but I was saying I have just spent some time looking around your website as well as listening to your song and my reaction is WOW !! I am very impressed with all you are doing and aiming for and your deeply thought out rationale and wish you all the very best.

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  4. Kimberley says:

    Wow! Just heard you on 107.3 and your CSG song is both beautiful and intelligent!!!!! Loved it, thank you! K

  5. Jarrah says:

    Love your work, please keep it up!

  6. Mikala says:

    hey Sarah, I miss you! Are you ever coming back to Sydney!?
    PS. Hi Felice! :D

  7. Fatty peeman says:

    I enjoy your writing and thoughts on self sufficiency but I was really disappointed to see photos of your CAT. Cats are exceptional hunters and decimate australian wildlife. I highly recommend you educate yourselves on the reasons why all cats should be outlawed or at the very least kept inside 24 hours a day.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Fatty (what a great name!)

      We understand the effect many cats have on native wildlife, and share your concern. Because he is a loved legacy from a former suburban life, when we came here we decided not to put him down or find him new companions for his final years. Instead, we are conscientious in ensuring he doesn’t kill any wildlife. Our task is made easier by his age (elderly) and the fact that he has only 4 remaining teeth. He’s scared of the chickens, and of the small Cunningham’s skink that lives under our refrigerator. It would be nice if he ate the mice in the house, but he’s scared of them too. He only goes outside in daylight hours, with supervision – not so much because we think he might hunt something, but because there are pythons and wild dogs around that are quite capable of finishing him off.

      He’s sufficiently loved for us to do these things in order for him to live here. We aren’t planning to replace him. I hope that helps you?


      PS If you are really concerned about wildlife perhaps you can help fight wildlife habitat destruction eg.

  8. Lynne jade says:

    I feel like I’m home…I want to know more..I’ve been on the road for a time and I want to go home. With love Lynne

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