Coal Seam Gas

Recently we attended a packed-out anti-coal seam gas meeting at our local town hall. What a great night!  We spoke to a lot of wonderful people and heard first-hand accounts of the realities of CSG mining.

The aim of the meeting was to inform people of the proposed Lions Way pipeline. According to the Kyogle GAG (Group Against Gas) pamphlet, “The pipeline would pass through the township of Kyogle and traverse cropping and grazing land in the Richmond and Lynches Creek valleys.  It would then follow the Lions Road through the Border Ranges National Park and continue on through the Scenic Rim district and Logan River valley in Queensland.  The Kyogle district lies within the traditional lands of the Githabul people whose native title rights over a large area of public land were recognized by the Federal Court in 2007.  The Border Ranges National Park also contains sections of the Gondwana Rainforests World Heritage Area.”

Having recently seen the documentary Gasland and after hearing the personal testimonies of Qld farmers already affected by CSG mining, it was unbelievable to think a World Heritage listed area would even be considered for the path of a CSG pipeline.

Rock The Gate Tara, Photo by Kate Ausburn

A march during the Rock the Gate festival against coal seam gas mining that was held in Tara over April 30 to May 4. Photo: Kate Ausburn

As a speaker on the night explained, having gone through the procedure of writing letters to inform relevant authorities who might be able to do something about this and having their requests shelved and ignored, the only avenue left was direct action.  And this is what the Lock the Gate Alliance is all about.  So far, 103 community groups from Queensland and NSW have united to stand up to multinational corporations and corrupt or misinformed officials who allow this kind of devastation to happen.

We were so inspired by the community spirit at the information night that we decided to write and record a song.  You can listen to it and read the lyrics here.  For CSG facts please click here.

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If you would like more information or don’t think this affects you please watch these videos.

Watch the 4 Corners program The Gas Rush as well as relevant interviews.

Watch the 60 Minutes program Undermined.

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