Coal Seam Gas song video

Our deepest thanks go to Ruby Vincent at A Question of Balance and Paul McQueen at Songwriters Across Australia for putting this video together.

Special thanks again to Ruby for having us on her radio show (on an episode entitled Fracking Fracas), hearing us out and playing the song.

Coal Seam Gas by The Chooks

To download a free copy of the song, please click here.

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2 Responses to Coal Seam Gas song video

  1. hey! we just discovered this! Thank you for the appreciation..we also have the song up on YouTube for you and it is pushing 250 hits..of course that means that number of different computers…any computer could hit it many times but only records once. Looking forward to your regulatory capture song…we need it desperately..and so does the Australian community..get on with it Chooks!!!

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