2012 The Mayan Word

My reasons for choosing to unplug from a disempowering, resource-hungry system, live more in harmony with nature (my own included), and be responsible for my own wellbeing are still valid two and a half years on since moving to The Creek.  But now I find I resonate more and more with the plight of indigenous people everywhere; demanding the right to their own land, the right to grow their own food, the right to practice their own spirituality and the right to self governance.  I guess I have CSG to thank for that. 

So, with all the social, environmental and political upheaval happening worldwide, I thought I’d take a look into our ancient ancestral knowledge base for some clarity, or at least…a clue.

So much has been written about the end of the Mayan long count calendar but what is rarely heard is the Mayan perspective on 2012…from Mayan people still living today.

Well, I sought and I found.  Here is a documentary made by modern-day Mayans about 2012 and what it means to them.  Enjoy.

2012: The Mayan Word

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