Post-rain frog orgy

Green tree frogThe recent rains around here have been devastating for a lot of people, but fortunately we’re relatively insulated, and the main inconvenience for us is being kept awake at night by the gazillions of frogs being madly passionate (am I anthropomorphising?). The last few nights have been a cacophany of “wonk wonk”s, “bleheheheheheh”s etc.

A party of green tree frogs have found the puddles in the driveway outside our window.  I counted seven by torchlight one night, including one copulating pair, before an unattached male jumped recklessly on my bare leg and I decided to leave them all to it.

Green Tree Frog on my leg

Is this frog stalking me? Or does it just like the colour of my overalls?

They’ve even been emerging during the day.  I was reading on the deck the other morning when I felt something familiar land on my leg.  I’m assuming it wasn’t the same frog (?) but you never know…

Green tree frog

After leaving my leg, the frog hung around for a bit, which gave me an excuse to take photos instead of fencing the chook yard.

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