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Globalization is the rewriting of the rules of finance and capital to suit big business
 Since 98% of the world’s people do not benefit from this power grab in any but the short term, we can reasonably hope that most of us will eventually understand that globalization must be opposed.
1. Talk about this with friends. Most people have experiences and reading about aspects of this issue and are fascinated to hear a viewpoint that ties these insights together. In return, you will learn more about the impacts of this transnational corporation system. You will also meet and deepen friendships with many people of good heart who everywhere are waking up to the realization that to place economic ‘rational’ism above all other human values is unsustainable and cruel. A few will argue that technology will save us, or that wealth will trickle down to the currently poor; to most of these reactions you may remind them that theories pale beside the proven, undeniable fact that the rich-poor gap everywhere is increasing, particularly between rich and poor nations. Of the OECD (first world nations) Australia has the highest proportion of overseas ownership and dividends going overseas and a transnational corporate system which evades tax, so ordinary Australians have been going deeper and deeper into debt to sustain their standard of living.  We are going to have a crash soon. We have already effectively lost democracy as the World Trade Organization overrides any local needs or desires. Meanwhile our air, water and soil are being desecrated, and labour conditions and workplace stress deteriorating as first world workers are competing with slave labour in third world countries.
Our primary demands at this stage are:
a.   Support local enterprise
b.   No more WTO style treaties
c.   No more subsidizing big business, especially petrochemical/drug/plastic/fertilizer cartels
d.   Moratorium on genetic engineering
2. Copy pamphlets, such as this, and hand them out to friends, small business people, churchgoers etc….

3. Attend local political party meetings and raise questions about globalisation. Study more. The mass media has been obscuring this fundamental shift in Australian economics and culture for too long.  Books and videos we can recommend are listed below.

4. Form a study circle, perhaps meeting after a nice supper together on a four week cycle… we can provide photocopy study materials posted for $7 (postal money order) a packet.   Bigger donations would be helpful, as we are operating on a shoestring.

5. Write letters to the editor, ring talkback radio and put news snippets or articles in your industry or association periodicals.

6. Join groups of activists involved in publicizing this issue. Groups we know of are listed below, not all of them are exactly in line with our thinking but at this critical juncture we may have to remember “issues unite, politics divide.” Older people may have more time and wisdom to become active.
7. Support local business and particularly local food. e.g. ask your local supermarket and restaurant to feature Australian owned brands, and buy local produce. Create farmers markets and food box schemes. Buy organic if you can.

Books and Videos
Other Groups That May Be Helpful
ISEC is The International Society for Ecology & Culture
PO Box 614 Byron Bay NSW 2481 Australia 0266791165
EMAIL: AUS -stickleythompson@bigpond.com  UK – isecuk@gn.apc.org
ISEC WEBSITE ADDRESS:  www.isec.org.uk
ISEC has branches in four continents and has been analysing global economic trends for thirty years. We are currently a small group operating in Northern NSW and welcome allied groups, local enterprise initiative groups and members. Helena Norberg-Hodge is currently visiting the US, UK and Ladakh before returning to us in December ’00.  Full ISEC membership will be unavailable until she returns, so we will contact you with further details at a later date.   ISEC holds meetings in Byron Bay and Helena will be conducting workshops in Maleny, Queensland next year.
 We continue to conduct talks all over northern NSW and will accept offers to speak at certain events. Our talks provide speakers, musicians, a slide show, video and literature. Can you organize a venue and publicity campaign for us? You will be surprised how quickly a phone tree can drum up interested people. Please send donations and creative suggestions.  We believe the situation for Australian democracy is urgent.

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